2020 Advent Talk Series on YouTube

Advent Talks are available on Mondays at noon (AST), November 30 – December 21 on YouTube.

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Monday, November 30, noon:
Finding The Stable in the Storm
Monday, December 7, noon:
Bethlehem Bubble
Monday, December 14, noon:
Finding Faith in a Covid Christmas
Monday, December 21, noon:
Add a Little Luke to a Christmas Cart

3 thoughts on “2020 Advent Talk Series on YouTube

  1. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart …. sublime music and a truly thought provoking and encouraging message. Such a gift. ❤️

  2. Bill,
    Alice and I just watched and listened to your first talk of this Christmas season. That was the most wonderfuil thing thet I have heard in many years, and so appropriate for the times that we are in now. God bless you Bill. You are a true ghift from God.
    Norman McLeod

  3. Bill,

    Just a wonderful series. Joan and I enjoyed it immensely. The talks were spot on and most relatable to our current lives which many of us need. And the music was just exceptional. The soprano singer reminded me of last visits to the Maritimes. And the William Blake quote that you ended with was most appreciated.

    Blessings to you and Isabell. We wish you a Xmas filled with joy and love and hope.

    Bill and Joan Virtue

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