Fall 2016 Talks

Coming this fall: A weekend seminar on the Lord’s Prayer. Bill will teach on this prayer that Jesus gave us on Friday, October 14 (evening) and Saturday, October 15, at the Crowne Plaza (Lord Beaverbrook). More details to follow.

Bill’s annual Advent/Christmas talk series, co-presented with Dr. Barry Craig, will take place on Mondays, November 28, December 5 and 12, from 12:10 to 12:50 pm at the Crowne Plaza (Lord Beaverbrook) Hotel. More details to follow.

Bill publishes his eighth book: Gospel Therapy

Bishop Bill Hockin’s eighth book, entitled Gospel Therapy, is available.


This book is written for those who are looking for a daily devotional resource that combines the wisdom of the biblical text with the struggles of the human experience. When Jesus of Nazareth engages the people in his time, with his truth and graciousness, something good always happens. Likewise, with us today, reading the text and engaging with this same Jesus, our lives, as well, can be profoundly touched with his grace and mercy. Each of these chapters, therefore, can be a healing engagement between the Jesus of the text and the deep needs of our personal lives. Included in each devotional are a gospel text, a reflection on the meaning and relevance of that text and a summing-up prayer. As well, each chapter ends with a verse from a psalm on the same theme. Although intended to be a daily devotional, this book can also be used for group study. It is my prayer that these pages may be an inspiration for all who read them, as well as a source of spiritual and personal growth.

Gospel Therapy is available from Bill or from the Diocese of Fredericton office – 115 Church St., Fredericton.