Marketplace Talks for Christmas

Bishop Bill Hockin and Dr. Barry Craig will again present a Christmas themed series of talks, Taking Your Christmas to a New Level, Mondays from 12:10 to 12:50 pm at the Crowne Plaza (Lord Beaverbrook) Hotel on November 30, December 7 and 14, 2015.  More details to follow.

2 thoughts on “Marketplace Talks for Christmas

  1. Dear Pastor,
    Greetings, I believe through God’s protection that this email finds you, your family and the like minded brethren in good health. First, let me introduce myself to you: My name is Pastor Moses from Kenya. I am blessed with one wife -Mogoi.
    I have been using your web- site to equip souls according to the will of God. I have found it worthy the efforts. I must thank God for your faithfulness in Him. Your steadfast in God is evident through what you are teaching. Praise God!
    My heart most sincere prayer is to be connected with you and your ministry spiritually so that I will be beneficial to the brethren of Kenya . I would like to be firmly anchored to what you teach and believe.

    May God bless you in Jesus Name!
    In His service,


  2. Father Bill
    Greetings from Toby (Eileen) and Gary Martins of London. We are both well and have busy lives with Kim and her two boys (22 and25 years) and Michael and Sue with Jamie 13 and Fraser 12. I am retired (22 yrs) and Toby (15 yrs). We have many fond memories of your ministry to our family. As we read A God for a Monday Morning we can hear your voice and feel you are delivering your message directly to us.
    For a long time we have tried to purchase your other books without success. If you know of a way to purchase copies we would be blessed and thankful.

    We hope that this message will reach you and look forward to your response.



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